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Dunmore East Fishery Harbour Centre

Dunmore East is a major fishing port situated at the southern end of Dunmore Bay, on the western side of the entrance to Waterford Harbour. Well sheltered, although subject to a considerable swell at high water in gales from the south-east. Depth in the entrance is 2.6m and in the harbour1m to 2.6m at LW. Crowded during the Autumn Herring and Spring Fishing seasons, and a significant number of leisure craft visit the port during the Summer months. The swinging moorings in Stoney Cove are occupied during the Summer months when there is much tourist activity, and passenger vessels frequently anchor off the port and land passengers into the port by launch at this time.

Admiralty Chart:



Latitude 52° 08.9N, Longitude 6° 59.3W.

Approach Lights

Hook Head Lt Ho Fl 3s 46m 24M (52° 07.3N; 006° 55.7W)
East Pier Breakwater extension Lt Fl R 2s 6m 4M (52° 08.9N; 006° 59.3W)
West Wharf Head Lt Fl G 2s 6m 4M (52° 08.9N; 006° 59.4W)
Dunmore East Pierhead Light Fl WR 8s 13m 17/13M (52° 08.9N; 006° 59.3W)


No difficulty should be experienced by power driven vessels approaching Waterford Harbour, as the entrance is 2.5 miles wide, deep and clear of dangers. Movement and berthing within the harbour is controlled by the Harbourmaster, and visiting leisure craft should make contact for berth allocation prior to arrival. The Ice Berth and the Landing Berths West Wharf and South Pier are to be kept clear, and landing at the RNLI Jetty and pontoon is prohibited for unauthorised vessels.


The harbour entrance between East Pier breakwater extension and West Wharf, both marked by lights, faces NNW.

From a position about 3 cables E of East Pierhead Light, in the white sector of the light, the track leads WNW into Dunmore Bay until the harbour entrance opens. At night West Wharf Light (165°- 246°) leads into the entrance from Dunmore Bay.

Tidal streams

When the W-going begins off Hook Head and meets the strong outgoing stream from Waterford, overfalls, which are shown on the chart, can occur across the entrance. When the outgoing stream is the stronger stream, Tower Race can form which extends 1 mile S from the headland and with strong W winds it can be violent.


VHF Ch 16 and 12 when manned, otherwise telephone 051 383 166.


East Pier (including Lighthouse Berth) 170 metres. Auction Hall/Landing Berth/South Pier 60 metres. West Wharf (including Ice Berth) 160 metres. Average depths 2.1metres, but vary from 1.6m to 2.6m at LW.


Not compulsory


Marine Diesel Oil not available as before at East Pier.  Fuel can be arranged by a local contractor by truck, usually when fueling a fishing trawler.
Contact:  Coast 2 Coast.
Landline Phone Number: 051-382797 & 051- 382395
Mobile Phone Number:  087 - 2512170 & 086 - 370851.

Fresh Water

available at all piers.


Automated ice plant at West Wharfhead.


Easily obtained locally.


A syncrolift capable for lifts of up to 220 tonnes and a transfer system to repair yard is available. All major repairs can be undertaken. Use of syncrolift is by prior arrangement with Harbourmaster. Users of the syncrolift are required to engage a shipwright for lifting, lowering, and transferral to repair bays.    Restricted by draft due to silting.

Contact Harbour Master's Office

Harbour Administration Building,
South Pier,
Dunmore East,
Co. Waterford.

Mr. Harold McLoughlin

Harbour Master Mobile
Phone Number: 087/7931705
Telephone Number: 051/ 312359
Fax Number: 051/383607
E-mail address:


Fishery Harbour Centres (Fixed Payment Notice) Bye-Laws 2006