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A number of non-EU countries have pre-printed EU health certificates.  Please check with your authorities before you begin completing this form.

All EU Health Certificates MUST BE signed and endorsed by an official veterinarian. An official veterinarian means a vet who is a Government employee (for example in APHIS/USDA in the United States of America, or in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in Canada).

If the EU health cert is not endorsed by an official vet, your pet will fail the compliance check, and might not be allowed to enter Ireland.

 EU Annex IV Health Certificate (doc 81Kb) 

Guide and assistance dogs travelling in the cabin of the plane must comply with the rules for entering Ireland, which vary depending on which country the dog is coming from. 

Passengers must contact the airline directly regarding travel plans with a guide dog/assistance animal. 

If you are travelling from countries other than

  • EU Member States, Andorra; Gibraltar; Greenland and the Faroe Islands; Iceland; Liechtenstein; Monaco; Norway; San Marino; Switzerland; Vatican City State,


  • if your health certificate was not signed and endorsed in an EU Member State,


you MUST NOT leave the arrivals terminal without presenting your pet dog, cat or ferret for a  compliance check.

Email advance notice of your arrival in Dublin Airport to so an official can meet you on arrival and check your pet. Use the form below.

 Advance Notice (doc 42Kb)